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YouTube: How to setup a channel

YouTube: Step-by-step Approach to setting up a YouTube Channel

This is another product from the Google platform and it is another wonderful tools that can be used for promotion, promoting business, interact with large audience, for marketing, and so much more and also because it is a Video Sharing platform, some people see it as another means to which they make use of it as backup for some media’s and Videos (though, it is against the reason why it was set-up).
Let dive into the real gist of the day, today I will like to look into one of the Google product which we mostly use day-in, day-out. And we are going to take another dimension into this by breaking it down and approached it step-by-step on how to set it up and hopefully dive a bit into some useful tips in it uses and benefit.


A Google mail account (i.e. Gmail)

Step 1

Click here to open the homepage of YouTube, sign-in with your Gmail account username and password, the reason for this is that you already have one central key and need no other username or another YouTube account.

Step 2

Click your Username, located at the top right side of the screen, then notice a dropdown menu, click My channel located under YouTube from the Drop down menu, then A pop-up is brought to the screen disabling all the background, so that you can change whatever setting it brought to the screen and also you can change/create a new name for your YouTube channel, so that you can maintain your Username and as well have a public name for your channel. but prior to that, It generate you details from your Gmail profile and if you wish to keep that as your YouTube Channel name, then click OK but if not click “To use a business name or other name click here”,

Step 3

It then take you to another page where you will be ask to create your YouTube Channel, Giving access to create a username and check the availability of the channel name you have chosen to use, if it’s not available, it will generate a username for you to select from and as well still give you the access to create a new username. Once that is done, you will surely get a message saying “Username is available” which means you can make use of it and that you are cleared, then click “OK, I’m ready to continue”.

Step 4

It takes you back to the former homepage but this time around in a new view form, that give you access to the set how your channel will look like for subscriber visiting.
Before, now it is not like this, I mean you can do your page like this

Tunde Kelani, but due to the fact that, this can only be achieved if your channel is viewed on a laptop and Desktop computer, but when view from a smartphone and mobile device, the experience is not a nice one at all. This is the main reason while the standard for YouTube channel changed to something is nice and cool across all device, be it Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, PSP, and the like the experience is smart, cool, and awesome.

Step 5:

Go ahead choose images from your device to use as the Channel art, where you will be ask to Add the channel art, do ensure that the your art is placed in such a way that it will reflect whatever you want your subscriber to see whenever they visit your channel and that across device it will be the same and make their experience smart.

Step 6:

Make use of the channel set-up check-list, which will provide you with a step-by-step guide on the various information that help your Channel make a whole lot of sense. Step 7:
Click the upload tab place beside search column, in other to upload a video taken already, rather currently on system or from attached device.


Kindly Drop your comment for a question on the segment you are not cleared with or areas on the +Google products that you want to be featured or more explanation on… More coming your way

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