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After Google, Yahoo also changes their interfaces


In one of the last post where we look into what are the change Google brings to it new interface and for their lovely customers, we talked about the changes that come around the whole technology atmosphere which is bringing a good and new look to various brands from Google, to Microsoft and now to Yahoo. From the 3D logo to a flat logo or what most people preferred to called a 2D images. Yahoo, has been on the doing some changes underground though, but in recent time this change are getting visible and till today the new interface is taking effect and for the as many that are yet to get the new interface or that are yet to be activated.


I will implore you to be a bit patient and more so, the changes over the past weeks are tremendously wonderful except that a trace of copy-cat is found in the new mail interface where the whole of your mail are align to the left and give room to display the content of each mail on the right hand side, this which is like the interface kept in settings before was now brought to the limelight in the wave of the new design.

Previously, the logo was changed and the changes were coming on a gradual process where some reaction, which I believe must have prompt the holding back of some changes for some other part of the designs and logo inclusive. The changes which includes the integration of Google and Facebook, though not new at all, but, the Google and Facebook login plugins were moved from the top part that it is used to be, to the bottom part located immediately after the login tab.


The design which used to be a blocking type with sharp edges, now comes wear a great and nice different look with button like look and nice shaped edges that makes it look more appealing.

Similarities to the Google interface

When the look is given a closer look and comparing it with the new Yahoo interface show that one copy the other, I actually leave that for you to discover who copy who. But taking a critical and closer look, one will discover that Yahoo now want to start merging mails with same subject together, a clue which I clearly know that Google has for a long time, another one noticed is the tabs on the mail, the setting gear making use of same location with that of Google, bringing chat into the left column that do house the inbox, junk/spam mail. Finally, a lovely themes was just introduced, I want to believe that yahoo has this in setting before, but then the themes has been long used in Google where you can even upload images from your computer as the themes/background to your mail.

Be on the lookout and if you are a Yahoomail user and you spot a change, which is never featured bring on, and what is your opinion about the new look, do you love it or prefer they revert to the old look?

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