Watch a 10-foot-tall giant Lego brick get built out of 133,000 smaller Lego bricks

The Lego brick celebrated its 60th anniversary over the weekend. To celebrate, Lego put together a massive, 10-foot-tall, 133,000-piece version of the iconic building block, which the company filmed in an incredibly satisfying time-lapse video.

Lego says it took 350 hours for its “Master Builders” to construct, which is pretty impressive considering the size and scale of the build. For reference, the largest Lego set available to consumers is the 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon that was released late last year. (It costs $800.) Scaling that up would make the giant brick roughly $14,109 worth of Lego. (That’s assuming the company ever sold it as a set, which seems highly unlikely.)

Watching the video is also an interesting…

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