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Update: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V), launched today, finally.


The game made by Rockstar Game, and that have gotten much attention from customer across the globe and most especially in the United Kingdom, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V), was launched today. The game which was much anticipated has close to 4,000 of its stores sold the previous version worth about 125million copies across the globe prior to the release of the current version GTA V.

GTA V, the game which is about theft occurrence in the city across the major cities, and I want to believe in my own opinion, that many consumers that have played the previous version have learnt a lesson either Good or Bad based on what is reflect in the midnight launch prior to the specific time announced by Rockstar Game. Ironically, the game, GTA V and its predecessors, have several been criticised that the game incite or form part of the behaviour that is exhibited by several kids, which was reflected in scene that was acted at the Asda Supermarket, where a 23-years old man went for shopping and was attacked, stabbed and robbed of the items which he bought which includes a copy of the newly launched Grand Theft Auto V. The young man was hit with a brick on his way home from buying the game at a West London Asda store, Rockstar has not yet commented on the news, and anyone with information about the crime is urged to call Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111. Queues were forming around the country from the early evening onwards as keen consumers sought to grab the blockbuster title as soon as possible.

The new features to lookout for in the newly Launched version of the game Grand Theft Auto V are the fact that Player can see how a car is handle and/or How a gun is shot and perhaps the biggest changes in this new version is the fact that players are given three different character and not one to wreak havoc on in the city of los Santos.

Jim Sterling, the reviews editor for video game news outlet Destructoid.com, said that developer Rockstar Games also put more emphasis on the playable characters themselves, rather than have them passively or stoically react to the world around them. “It’s more like the supporting characters react to the heroes than the other way around,” he said.

Sight and screenshot of the newly Launched Grand Theft Auto 5 was further released ahead of the launch as previously and for your appetite pending the time you get your copy of the game, it will be nice for you to check-out the video and screenshot.




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