Google closes $1.1 billion deal for HTC design talent

Google’s $1.1 billion deal to acquire most of HTC’s smartphone design division has officially closed. Hardware VP Rick Osterloh announced … 0 147

Apple is reportedly launching 3 new Macs with custom chips this year

Bloomberg reports that Apple has at least three new Macs in the works for 2018, including a desktop and two … 0 156

Elon Musk Says He’s Sold 10,000 Flamethrowers Through His Boring Co. Website

“World’s safest flamethrower!”0 123

Indian ride-hailing giant Ola takes the fight to Uber in Australia

After tussling with Uber in its home market of India, Ola is ready to go up against the ride-hailing giant … 0 134

Waymo strikes a deal to buy ‘thousands’ more self-driving minivans from Fiat Chrysler

Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent Alphabet, has reached a deal with one of Detroit’s Big Three automakers to … 0 123

Lyft made annoying car alarms into a slightly less annoying version of ‘Despacito’

Hijacking big events for viral success is one of the most well-worn sections of the marketing playbook. Effective and often … 0 122

Waymo is putting ‘thousands’ more driverless minivans on roads across America

Google’s self-driving tech spinoff Waymo is set to make a big push into its trial programs for its autonomous vehicles: … 0 105

Apple’s ARKit update in iOS 11.3 is next level good

After dropping the first iOS 11.3 beta last week, Apple developers wasted little time in getting to work on a … 0 108

Elon Musk denies zombie apocalypse rumors, sells 10,000 flamethrowers just in case

Do I need a flamethrower? No. Do I want one? Yes. That seems to be the general attitude behind the … 0 152

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