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GTA V: Amazon UK, shipping ahead of launch


Grand Theft Auto V, is the much eagerly anticipated game, the game which is coming on the stable on Rockstar, will officially be launch tomorrow, and quite number of customers are actually waiting to get the game as the date has been finally announced, though the company is annoyed to have heard the news, because the specified date announced is still on the way, Amazon, the online retails store and one of the major and most respected online store, has been shipping the game console ahead of the announced date. More so, the shipping is strictly the made for United Kingdom by Amazon, but the game company is still much concerned about what can prompt that to have happened and promised to look into why Amazon has to do such regardless of the company specified announced launch date which is tomorrow.

Amazon could find itself struck off Rockstar Games’ Christmas card list after it delivered Grand Theft Auto V pre-orders to customers in the UK in advance of its September 17th release. Some customers reported receiving shipping notifications over the weekend, with additional reports suggesting the game had made it to some doorsteps as early as Saturday. Games Industry says that the company is already investigating these early sales, although we wouldn’t put it past some silent, rogue type like Claude from GTA 3. Microsoft is reportedly banning Xbox Live accounts
belonging to those that shared early footage of the game, so if you did receive an early copy, make sure to refrain from sharing your impressive bank heists on social media and video sites until release day.” –



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