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Google: Changes you do not notice…

Google, the world renowned brand in technology, has been on testing new interface for quite sometimes back now, and until recently some of the changes are unfolding gradually. From the Gmail to almost all other apps and to the bigger platform Chrome and Chrome store.

Google over the last quarter have been pushing more changes in their product and across platform. The very first you might notice is the compose message interface, while it was in beta stage, it varied the interface and at time it works when you have a good bandwidth to work with. So, before then you use to have something like this.

But now, you have this, which burn out of the fact and findings Google get from user experience and the act of making things look cool and smart and also making life easy for all of their client and customer.


And in recent time, the whole Google Gmail interface experience some changes as well, like it used to be like this, where you will see all the apps spread across on the topmost bar (i.e. +you, Orkut, Gmail, YouTube, Drive and more) of the page was now in a compact form such that the whole topmost bar is kept clean and access to the apps are now in a cool and comfort corners such that the user can lay hand on them easily.

And this new look, all the apps are package in a box like and located at the top right hand side of the page, immediately you see +Yourname, and the tiles-like box in tabular form in between the +yourname and the notification bell-like image. And this new features was made to be centrally available across product, right from Google search, Gmail, Chrome, and to mobile devices too, you also experience it in this format such that it give a clear and clean UI look for mobile and flushes out clumsiness.

Given, a closer look at the new Google search like the one below you also discover that the apps are also package and placed at the top left-hand side with the same look but in a coloured format this time.

This changes are the outcome of several research undergo by Google to get people’s interaction and experience with the interface. If you have not gotten the new interface, you will sure be updated, it is just taken a gradual process and if you have gotten it, then welcome to the world of simplicity. And more robust and cool changes coming soon, just keep your finger cross and keep an eye on this segment.





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