Google+ re-engineer for better experience

Google+ the social media app for Android and the iPhone from the stable of Google more professional, totally different from Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter but bring the experience from the following social media platform Twitter with the use of Facebook with no limit to the number character of a post, Skype with more than one on one live chat and video calling together and totally different to what LinkedIn is. The mobile apps has once again undergo a total reengineering process, so if you are a conversant user of this platform like me you are bent to notice this salient points to be pointed out right here now.
Before now like I have one said in one of my report that Google as a brand never believed that they have a perfect app that is finished but believe that some things still need to be done and I strictly want to believe that, that is what contributes and at the same time responsible for so many landmark changes and improvement that has come to different product from the giant company Google.
Google+ before now one can be able to mention another fellow with a plus sign ahead before the name of whoever you wanted to mention and their come suggestions from your contact and people from your own circle first then others that are common or that are synonymous to the word combination and the more you type the more it sieve out your list and only that while it seems to be okay by that.
The mobile version of the app has been engineered to accommodate great new features like having access to all your community with enough access to post into a certain last of the community a feature that was not there before and also you can have and own your authority over Thor post like controlling it not to be repost or share where the notification bar is visible and you can as well disable comment and share of your post.
Google so check this:
Something to improve or check to ensure it works fine. As cool as this sounds and nice looking the interface is, this is notice that while posting to  community any attempt to mention anybody the app just crashed and so working thereby closing down the app, though it was thought of been a phone issue but it was tested for another 3-4 times to conclude that it might be a technical issue.
And more so, how true is it that comment in Google+ has a limit, Google kindly clear this for easy understanding and comprehensive reason is needed for users.
Share with us your personal experience using that social platform and what’s your thought about this initiative?

Welcome BBM to WindowsPhone


Blackberry is about to load up the serving database that serves its blackberry messenger fondly referred to BBM. If you remember you will recall the experience while coming to Android devices and the Apple iPhone. The entry though was not that smooth and also looking at the Nigeria smartphone market their is a big problem for the product in it entry because in Nigeria alone the market for smartphone is high not to now talk about the Africa market in terms of number of devices been sold like each day, although, I gathered that the app is already out to as many that already sign up to have the BBM app ahead of others as a beta tester and according to a good source it is clear that over 10,000 beta tester Storm the portal once declared and the slot was fully absorbed in less than 24hours of its announcement, then if you are a windows phone user the wait might actually be over since in less than 2-3weeks away from now you will have the app in the windows phone market (aka windows phone store) but at the moment some finishing touch might be the stage at which the App is undergoing as to some past of the app not rendering the way it should and also some emoticon too but while we keep our finger crossed.


How easy is it going to be? The question that border my mind and also hope the company has learned from the experience gather during it deployment on Android and the iPhone market?


And finally if you are conversant with this page, you will discover that this post is slightly coming to reality because quite number of users will be in need of data to enjoy this and the cost of data is still that friendly in this part of the world and also the quality of service needs to be worked on for any Telco to remain in the market and a move from voice to data is then xing to stay and like I previously say I’m one of the past report that I sense a crash in the cost of data and subscription, so what I can only way is that hold on a little longer for a better and quality service with good tariff.

Paypal join the payment platform in Nigeria

Paypal, the old payment platform that gives consumer enough access to own there privacy, security and for as many living in Nigeria that has been so skeptical to use there credit card online due to fraudulent activities that can affect their finances and credit history can now breath a fresh air as to the fact that PayPal, the financial technology company has now made their presence available in Nigeria, the event that takes place at the open living lab in  the neighborhood of Yaba that house the domain where almost all the developer in Lagos and in Nigeria gather under one roof in other to churn out community relevant technology solutions, the Co-Creation Hub located at 294, Herbert Macaulay way, Sabo, Yaba. In other to give rooms for more customer to get connected and also to improve and expand  their customer base and also encourage the habit of going online for shopping and making life easy.


Before now PayPal was of the opinion that they are not ready for Nigeria market and not that alone but also Africa as a whole, but I personally say to myself that that was in the time past, several question were then pointed out as to and from the last experience of some people that have wanted to use the platform and some that were locked out due to breaking one policy or another and even some was due to IP address of the system been used as against the registered IP that is attached to the account at the point of registering the account. Though this put so much question in the airways that require attention. The platform go further to establish the fact that individuals hardly leave home without this three things car keys, wallet and mobile phone which serves as the common point of meeting for both online and offline, that is instead of going about with raw cash or better still ATM or credit card but with the flexibility of Mobile phones these days, one hardly go about this three in a way which has easily bridge the gap between the online and offline of the individuals business life.


But the smell of the good omen coming to town now is that, PayPal has come to stay and need to  understanding the Nigeria financial ecosystem with  technology and even the African business environment in other to know where and how to sync all other product into the market or better still dominating the existing payment platform which might already understand the consumer behaviour and just subsume the platform.


We therefore keep our finger crossed as to what is in pipeline for Nigeria and the African market, so the challenge goes to tech solution providers to step up the game and build a solution that can transcend beyond this Nigeria and scale through the African continent first due to sensitive and fragile financial setup in Nigeria and Africa thereafter we can then look into studying how we can infuse and integrate into the developed world financial system or say from experience churn out another standard solution to compete with existing one and as well makes life easy for all.


As of the moment, tech developers that believe in not reinventing the wheel were eagerly awaiting the release of API for integrating into the existing solution that they had running already. At the launch and briefing of the available solution and the stages currently on ground for the merchant and individuals were in attendance some key players in the technology Industries and other stakeholder with developers wanting to dive straight into the available solution even at the beta stage.
Share with us your experience of the platform presence in Nigeria and what you think about their presence compare to what you have experience in the past?

Nokia DVLUP Nigeria launch

Nokia, though been bought over by Microsoft still in the business of encouraging and enhancing developer power to do more and with more resources and challenges to help with more knowledge and skill sharing sharing among developers of various background and that to trigger their innermost passion will enhance point accumulation which gives the developer access to exchange the accumulated points different gift, which is a model that is mouth-watering, with the helps from different professionals with experience to share with developers in different area of their development in other to churned out nice and cool apps that solve real-life issue and if its game a relevant game that help in the development of the human skills.

On 27th May, 2014, The event start with Kendra one of the developer platform evangelist, announcing and welcoming developers and mobile-developer enthusiasts.
The venue for the event also is iDea Hub located 296, Herbert Macaulay immediately beside CcHub and in attendance were Emmanuel Oluwatosin of the then Nokia but bow Microsoft, Kendra and Funmi both been the Technology Evangelist for East and West and some part in North of the country.
DVLUP was meant ti serve as the platform where developer challenge other developer to increase their knowledge of the programming language the know, trick they develop, to design and also a webinar series to address some basic and major issues that developers might be facing that is crucial to their development skills and meet up with a global standard on other to write a globally relevant apps and that’s solve local issues and challenges.

Also, tips and trick on how to generate ideas, revenues from the apps been built. The platform gives access to learning the basics of programming language, programming paradigm to developing a massive rich content relevant apps.

The launching of this initiative but Nokia was a great and nice idea and t further makes things clear and transparent the event wrap up with Question and Answer from the developers to the organisers with Funmi and Kendra doing justice to the questions being ask while Emmanuel help in detail clarity of most answers for easy digestion of the answer provided by both developer evangelist.

So, to developers welcome to a rich and loaded platform that enhance development of brain, skills, knowledge and loaded tools sharing platform.

To get up-to-date info follow @Microsoftdpe_ng, since Nigeria is now launch go explore the challenge and compete on a code challenge for your passion.

5 Android updates that help you to be productive

Google and the Android running  smartphones  is well-known and Google never believe that a products is fully done and this is what give rooms to frequent update which in recent time has been on the increase and frequently updates should not stop.

1. Quickoffice
Quickoffice is one app that helps you stay with your work and regardless of where you are, you are always at work, important a nutshell say, work on the go. Before now you can only work on the go with your device running on data and this is superb though, and in the era of cloud storage and back-ups, which makes it interesting and not retarded to work on document with different issues from power to fluctuating quality of internet services. But the truth is that not all countries of this world  has this features of running on data and If this is available its not pocket friendly in tariff and the quality of services been offered, at times it someone annoyed and also delay the job to get done, if at all one wish to just get this data plan, despite the unstable service been offered, and its service start to fluctuate while working on a document. There will be delay, but with this new update, you now have document separately and spreadsheet too separately and by so doing you can work on either the doc file or spreadsheet separately offline and the two gets to sync with your online storage once their is internet and though you can now work on your spreadsheet on the go, then once through, and need to have access to your document any where you go, across any device, and at any time at your convenience. This is the cool updated on Google document, presentation and the worksheet.

2. Google Drive
Though from all smartphones users that I have came across and on checking there phone I have discover that most don’t even have this app at all and for as many that has this app never knew its important and usage. Long story short for as many that want to be productive and proactive you will also need this app. Aside that, the needed update on this app is the ability to collaborate on working on documents with a collaborator without needing to do your path and uploading, sending via email while the other collaborator on the other side download and work on same document, while this will take more of the time for the work to get done with. This is not new if you are accessing Drive via desktop and laptop but if it works fine on those platform and we should as well be able to do our work on the go as well, with this new update, you cannot only access the document shared with you only but as well access the document in your drive and also share with others too via this app and it update, as against the earlier version where you can only access documents and other item you have in your drive. So, we say Google keep on releasing updates to better improve peoples live and productivity level for further improvement.
3. Gmail
Gmail is also an app that is kind of pre-built apps that comes with all android devices and Google most time updated this to give user a good experience and the current update on this Gmail will help user to be able to refresh their mail by just swipe down the email screen and bt so doing you will discover the flow of the Google’s colour for a short while and finally reload the page with new email as against the reload symbol on the email page before now. Still on this same app, the reason for which a message is sent to spam is now shown on each spam message when you try open  and thereby letting you to once in a while check your spam and don’t believe because its a spam its not that necessary at all.
4. Easy save to Drive
With this new update, once you are accessing your mail on the go via the Gmail app, you can save attachment direct to your drive without needing to wait till you get to your laptop or desktop system, which makes it easy for individual to access the files and doc anywhere via any devices, Files saves to Drive are easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
This to mention afew, also the Gmail apps gives you the acedd to read from right to left as again the normal English way of reading from left to right which consider the Arabic user of android devices.
5. Google camera
There are several camera apps and also some camera are manufactural build though its nother that its that cool as against the manufactured camera apostate but this give user the access to photosphere and user having 4.2 jellybean -4.4 kitkat version will now have official access to photosphere and not need to look for the AOSP camera to do that and no need also to create another gallery as against the AOSP camera features.

Iran censors WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg is a 'Zionist'

It must be that internet access is slow, because Iran just got around to banning WhatsApp because parent company co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. Kind of. After, you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp over two months ago. The ban comes courtesy of Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, Secretary of the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content, which has the power to block access to sites and services deemed offensive in content, ownership, or… well, whatever, really.

Khorramabadi described Zuckerberg as “an American Zionist”, which is apparently reason enough to extend Iran’s blocking of Facebook to WhatsApp as well. Strangely, the committee has not yet got around to blocking Facebook-owned Instagram, despite it being a part of Zuckerberg’s alleged Zionist enterprise for much longer than WhatsApp.

Nevermind that even though Zuckerberg was raised Jewish, he has since dropped religion and become an atheist. Though that too could probably be deemed offensive in the eyes of the committee; let alone his Jewish heritage, which too would probably be enough.

The committee’s actions aren’t without objection, even from within the Iranian government. Both the Iranian Communications Minister and President Hassan Rouhani have objected to the ban, though neither apparently has the authority to overrule the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content.

Just goes to show, the internet might be under assault at home, but it could always be much worse.

Source: CrackBerry.

ANDY: The Free Android OS for your Computer


There are a couple of solutions that let run android applications on your PC via emulation, such as Bluestacks which we previously covered, but what if you want to run android as a full OS on your computer? That’s where ANDY comes in. ANDY is a standalone android OS application that brings the full android OS experience from your phone and tablet to your Mac and PCs.

ANDY allows you use all the apps from the android mobile OS that you are used to and allows you jump from mobile to desktop seamlessly, without skipping a beat. What’s more, ANDY would let you use both your android device and your desktop machine together simultaneously with the former serving as a remote control or game controller depending on what you are doing, provided that you also install the ANDY companion app on your android device.

ANDY currently runs android Jelly Bean 4.2 right now, but the developers plan to keep supporting and updating it for the foreseeable future.

If you want to give ANDY a spin, you can download ANDY for your Mac or PC for the awesome price of free from their website. The companion app for android devices hasn’t made it to Google Play yet, but you will find the apk here.

Source: TechSuplex

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Bye to an old friend, but do I need to buy another Computer or another Operating System


About a week ago, I bid a farewell to an old friend (I mean the version of Microsoft Operating System that I ran on my personal computer), but not really final bye-bye like that, but still, am a frequent user of my Personal Computer and always want to be up to date with everything that has to do with my computers and flow with the new development in the IT world, and you are bound to ask me that if that is the case, then why do I have to wait this long for my Old friend to be obsolete and sent away before I take this step.

But am glad to tell you that for me, I can still make do with its absence but considering all other people that are benefitting from the old friend are so much enormous that I cannot afford to but think in-depth if and only if they can find a way out of this so locked-to relationship between them and this my old friend in question.

Business Centres are been saved by this my old friend simply because he is rugged or simply put his rugged nature and to make the case more worse, Banks also, I mean Bank and not just mushroom banks o (Sorry, no offense, even, in this age, the banks that I can call mushroom, the microfinance banks too are already on the run leaving my Old friend behind), but some of the giant banks are still running on the support of my old friend, well not too bad but being loyal to my old is like been a dinosaur and not ready to change, so there computers are still running Windows XP, like that is not enough, which is the main reason why am highly concern and leaving the scene with my heart more concern,

This later drop into my mind and am bound to ask myself, my Window XP, the Old friend indeed is seriously gonna be missed and leaving a path because so many of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that I have come across are all running Windows XP, which makes it clear to me that, if the machines are faulty or got some issues and needs to be threated and attends to, then the support required to attend to such issues is not available, somebody wake me up from my slumber because the support that keeps my Old friends running is cut-off and is no more available, how then can I make solution to the issues from the ATM, to the giant banks in my home country which I believe that some other countries and not only banks are still running Windows XP, businesses and even some multinational are still running Windows XP, does that mean, they needs more security in there management, or consciously make use of their computer in other to avoid what can warrant the needs of support.

Aside, the use of this version of Operating System, the configuration of the hardware that make up the XP is somehow lower to that of other version of Windows that comes after XP, but then for a small merchant that cares about business and don’t want to be caught unaware, all I believe you need is back your works, migrate to the new version of Windows either Windows 7, although I will have suggest windows Vista but I discover that Vista does not stay long before the birth of Windows 7 and why not switch straight to Windows 8, but first thing first consider system specification or requirement needed to be met before running such version of Operating system and also check out for drivers supports that will be compatible with the hardware that comes with the System in question

My concern now is this, ATM that are currently using the version of this Operating System or say, that are running on Window XP, what will be the future of ATM’s because I discovered that ATM runs on Windows XP, and what if the OS is infected or attacked with the current situation of no support and other things considered? Is this going to be a loopholes for hackers? And remember security is very crucial and paramount and in this era of Heartbleed…

This questions lingers on in my mind with much security concerned.

Adieu my Old Friend, Good Bye Window XP…

Dating Apps That Can Bring You Closer To Your True Love

By now, everyone knows where to go online to find human companionship. But what if things actually … work out? Here’s a brief survey of apps designed to help couples communicate.


Between also focuses on making the day-to-day chatting between couples more romantic with cute animated stickers and the ability to share voice clips. Unlike Avocado, however, it’s structured to act as a constantly updated monument to your closeness.

Its home screen is organized like a romantic Google Now page. It displays today’s date, and behind it you can add your own customized photo of you and your partner. On each side of the screen lies a little bubble that displays the last location of each member of the relationship (so you can basically know each other’s whereabouts at any time). Below that, there’s a box that displays your next upcoming date, whether it’s a recurring Wednesday night dinner or one of your birthdays. At any time, it’ll also filter in a small photo of your most recent “Moment,” which is what the app calls the collection of notes and photos that you’ve shared with each other.

A little suffocating? Yes. But if you’re both intense planners who love being attached at the hip, it could be for you.

Free on iPhone, Android, and online.


The blissed-out lover’s den of messaging apps, Avocado allows you to ping your romantic partner on a private chat, coordinate dates on a shared calendar, create lists, and set reminders for important days like birthdays and anniversaries.

As you share photos or doodles, your images are automatically loaded into an album — a sort of digital scrapbook of your relationship. It’s admittedly a bit cheesy unless you’re one for chronicling every date dinner receipt, but it might come in handy when you’re looking for a photo to frame.

The app’s strengths are buried in the chatroom’s bonus features. Avocado has a mechanism that creates the illusion of intimate displays of affection.

To hug someone, you’re instructed to bring your smartphone close to your heart. Your device’s light sensor picks up when things go dark, it vibrates, and then it sends a message to your lover that informs him of this recent embrace.

Similarly, you have the option to kiss your significant other. Avocado manages this by presenting you with his photo. Wherever you choose to tap your lips on your smartphone screen, a set of pink lips will drop, like an X on a treasure map. The lip-smacked photo is sent to your lover (as you can see above).

It sounds bizarre, yes, but in practice it’s actually kind of heartwarming? Or at least it might be for any long-distance couple who can’t find a moment to Skype.

Free on iPhone, Android, and online.


Couple emphasizes the importance of a special chat space. You can’t send virtual hugs and kisses, but you are able to share voice clips, photos, your location, and doodles with your boo. And when you have nothing left to communicate but your undying obsession with the person, you can simply send a thought bubble icon that indicates that you’re thinking of him. Not to mention — there’s a pretty extensive list of custom-made emoji/image grams that you can draw from.

Probably my favorite part of this app is the ability to see if the other person has your chat minimized or open — that way you’re not blubbering away into the silence, only to get a response three hours later. And if you want to have a particularly private conversation, you can avoid saying anything embarrassing that might show up in a push notification.

This one is best for anyone who wants to be in constant warm and fuzzy chat with her partner throughout the day. You’ll know exactly whether you have your partner’s attention or not.

Free on iPhone, Android, and online.


Though 2life does the least of these dating apps to “set the mood,” it’s definitely the most pragmatic communication tool of the bunch. Its shopping lists and calendar can help two working parents coordinate who’s picking up the kids from soccer, or what they need at the grocery store. And on a more intimate level, it allows you to share interesting links or write quick “journal” notes to each other.

In other words, 2life probably isn’t designed for young, enamored lovers who will spend all night with their glowing screen, chatting about nothing. But it’s probably a great way to cut out any wasted time spent coordinating schedules. That way, you can spend less time staring at your calendars over dinner, and more time having a conversation over a bottle of wine.

Free on iPhone.

Which is your favourite?

Amazing: Apple fan's concept of an iPad design, back in 2004


Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Before the iPad or even the iPhone was released, there were years of speculation on what portable products Apple would release.

Just like they do now, people on the Internet created renders back in 2004 of products they thought Apple would release. We stumbled across an old concept from 2004 on the MacRumors forum that showed just how different interaction and technology was at the time.

In the concept image below, the “iPad” (which actually appears to be a smartphone rather than a tablet), features not only a trackpad, but a slim 1″ thick body, a whopping 8 hour battery life and “OS X 2go.”


ipad thought

What’s perhaps most amazing is that this fan image accurately picked the name for a real Apple product that was released six years later in 2010.Apple was experimenting with the iPad back in 2004 as some prototypes of the device date back that far.

Obviously this isn’t an official render of an Apple product and is little more than a fan’s idea of what the company could have made, but it shows just how much Apple influenced the way that the world imagines both interaction and user interfaces when it released iOS and the first iPhone in 2006.

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