Move Over Kim Kardashian: Rosetta’s Photos Broke the Internet


The surface of the comet
The surface of the comet


If you think photos of Kim Kardashian’s butt sat all over the internet and broke it; Rosetta’s photos made an even greater bombshell entrance on the internet.

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft successfully landed a probe onto the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko earlier this week, marking the first time ever a man-made device was successfully put onto a comet.

When it comes to photography equipment, both the Rosetta and the Philae probe are well stocked with the tools they need to snap image

According to the Wall Street Journal, scientists managing to land a spacecraft on a moving comet for the first time won in terms of social conversation. The Journal counted up all the tweets with the hashtag #cometlanding and tweets that contained the word comet, then compared that to the number of #breaktheinternet and Kardashian mentions. 


The comet won by over 100 thousand tweets.  The comet tweets also had a much more positive reaction than Kim’s photo stunt. The Wall Street Journal used a service called Topsy that analyzes the tone of tweets. The comet landing score a 64 (in a scale where 50 is neutral) and Kim registered a 43.


This is a sign that even going completely nude isn’t enough to get Kim the attention she expects anymore.

Plus, Kim Kardashian’s nudity shouldn’t really be news (Not forgetting that she’s famous mostly because of a sex tape) — but landing a spaceship on a comet? That’s pretty phenomenal. Go science! 

Google+ re-engineer for better experience

Google+ the social media app for Android and the iPhone from the stable of Google more professional, totally different from Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter but bring the experience from the following social media platform Twitter with the use of Facebook with no limit to the number character of a post, Skype with more than one on one live chat and video calling together and totally different to what LinkedIn is. The mobile apps has once again undergo a total reengineering process, so if you are a conversant user of this platform like me you are bent to notice this salient points to be pointed out right here now.
Before now like I have one said in one of my report that Google as a brand never believed that they have a perfect app that is finished but believe that some things still need to be done and I strictly want to believe that, that is what contributes and at the same time responsible for so many landmark changes and improvement that has come to different product from the giant company Google.
Google+ before now one can be able to mention another fellow with a plus sign ahead before the name of whoever you wanted to mention and their come suggestions from your contact and people from your own circle first then others that are common or that are synonymous to the word combination and the more you type the more it sieve out your list and only that while it seems to be okay by that.
The mobile version of the app has been engineered to accommodate great new features like having access to all your community with enough access to post into a certain last of the community a feature that was not there before and also you can have and own your authority over Thor post like controlling it not to be repost or share where the notification bar is visible and you can as well disable comment and share of your post.
Google so check this:
Something to improve or check to ensure it works fine. As cool as this sounds and nice looking the interface is, this is notice that while posting to  community any attempt to mention anybody the app just crashed and so working thereby closing down the app, though it was thought of been a phone issue but it was tested for another 3-4 times to conclude that it might be a technical issue.
And more so, how true is it that comment in Google+ has a limit, Google kindly clear this for easy understanding and comprehensive reason is needed for users.
Share with us your personal experience using that social platform and what’s your thought about this initiative?

Welcome BBM to WindowsPhone


Blackberry is about to load up the serving database that serves its blackberry messenger fondly referred to BBM. If you remember you will recall the experience while coming to Android devices and the Apple iPhone. The entry though was not that smooth and also looking at the Nigeria smartphone market their is a big problem for the product in it entry because in Nigeria alone the market for smartphone is high not to now talk about the Africa market in terms of number of devices been sold like each day, although, I gathered that the app is already out to as many that already sign up to have the BBM app ahead of others as a beta tester and according to a good source it is clear that over 10,000 beta tester Storm the portal once declared and the slot was fully absorbed in less than 24hours of its announcement, then if you are a windows phone user the wait might actually be over since in less than 2-3weeks away from now you will have the app in the windows phone market (aka windows phone store) but at the moment some finishing touch might be the stage at which the App is undergoing as to some past of the app not rendering the way it should and also some emoticon too but while we keep our finger crossed.


How easy is it going to be? The question that border my mind and also hope the company has learned from the experience gather during it deployment on Android and the iPhone market?


And finally if you are conversant with this page, you will discover that this post is slightly coming to reality because quite number of users will be in need of data to enjoy this and the cost of data is still that friendly in this part of the world and also the quality of service needs to be worked on for any Telco to remain in the market and a move from voice to data is then xing to stay and like I previously say I’m one of the past report that I sense a crash in the cost of data and subscription, so what I can only way is that hold on a little longer for a better and quality service with good tariff.

Paypal join the payment platform in Nigeria

Paypal, the old payment platform that gives consumer enough access to own there privacy, security and for as many living in Nigeria that has been so skeptical to use there credit card online due to fraudulent activities that can affect their finances and credit history can now breath a fresh air as to the fact that PayPal, the financial technology company has now made their presence available in Nigeria, the event that takes place at the open living lab in  the neighborhood of Yaba that house the domain where almost all the developer in Lagos and in Nigeria gather under one roof in other to churn out community relevant technology solutions, the Co-Creation Hub located at 294, Herbert Macaulay way, Sabo, Yaba. In other to give rooms for more customer to get connected and also to improve and expand  their customer base and also encourage the habit of going online for shopping and making life easy.


Before now PayPal was of the opinion that they are not ready for Nigeria market and not that alone but also Africa as a whole, but I personally say to myself that that was in the time past, several question were then pointed out as to and from the last experience of some people that have wanted to use the platform and some that were locked out due to breaking one policy or another and even some was due to IP address of the system been used as against the registered IP that is attached to the account at the point of registering the account. Though this put so much question in the airways that require attention. The platform go further to establish the fact that individuals hardly leave home without this three things car keys, wallet and mobile phone which serves as the common point of meeting for both online and offline, that is instead of going about with raw cash or better still ATM or credit card but with the flexibility of Mobile phones these days, one hardly go about this three in a way which has easily bridge the gap between the online and offline of the individuals business life.


But the smell of the good omen coming to town now is that, PayPal has come to stay and need to  understanding the Nigeria financial ecosystem with  technology and even the African business environment in other to know where and how to sync all other product into the market or better still dominating the existing payment platform which might already understand the consumer behaviour and just subsume the platform.


We therefore keep our finger crossed as to what is in pipeline for Nigeria and the African market, so the challenge goes to tech solution providers to step up the game and build a solution that can transcend beyond this Nigeria and scale through the African continent first due to sensitive and fragile financial setup in Nigeria and Africa thereafter we can then look into studying how we can infuse and integrate into the developed world financial system or say from experience churn out another standard solution to compete with existing one and as well makes life easy for all.


As of the moment, tech developers that believe in not reinventing the wheel were eagerly awaiting the release of API for integrating into the existing solution that they had running already. At the launch and briefing of the available solution and the stages currently on ground for the merchant and individuals were in attendance some key players in the technology Industries and other stakeholder with developers wanting to dive straight into the available solution even at the beta stage.
Share with us your experience of the platform presence in Nigeria and what you think about their presence compare to what you have experience in the past?

The iHq project, transformation loading…

The iHq project is a project and vision of the open living lab of the Co-creation Hub (aka CcHub), with the vision from the duos that might have seen it ahead (Bosun Tijani and Femi Longe) and the need to have a replica of silicon valley, even if not in anyway closer but totally change the way it is and get improve overtime and also be the very first in Nigeria if not in Africa.
So, the research they have carry out before this implementation stage shows that for changes and improvement to happen the implementation of the project matter most and it is going to be of good benefit to the citizens at the grassroots level, communities, state, economy and possibly the country at large. Also, a very good beginning with many  innovative solution to the common man and not neglecting people at the grassroots level with the inclusion of the students from low-income earners to the governments school around in other to bring them at par with what is obtainable in the developed world.


Research shows that for changes to be effect and feel, there is need for stable power, access to good road, and in terms of education, general overhauling of the education syllabus might be a thorn in the neck and with the believe that if the available syllabus is judiciously utilise and channel into doing rather than theoretical essay and cramming with the view to gain a certificate at the end of the day might not get Nigeria anywhere than producing unemployable graduates as it is clear that their are jobs out there but unemployable graduates are been produce year-in year-out and this gives rooms to foreigners to coming in and rake the jobs available for the citizens.
Therefore, CcHub as fondly called come up with this initiative that if only the businesses within their vicinity could get access to internet and without forgetting the governments parastatals and educational institutions which is  not limited to tertiary education but also goes down to the grassroots level, I mean to the primary and secondary school in that axis and part of the Lagos state environs.
At the just concluded meeting with the team of solveforX team from the GoogleX arm of Google with the Vice-President of the GoogleX in attendance, Megan Smith, the Google Country Manager Juliet Ehimuan and her Nigeria team to champion the event. Femi Longe give a breakdown of what the project is all about how it all started, how they schedule meetings with stakeholders concerned, how Lagos State governor the person of Babatunde Raji Fashola has been of tremendous help to the project by granting right of way for the implementation of the project. The project is going to see all the institutions within that environs comes alive to bring the best in education with the support of good and quality internet facility to the institutions and also to the secondary and primary schools with the plan to do a train-the-trainer in other to have a full fledged and up-to-date technology and computer education that can project the graduates for a better employment and labour market injection and also ensure a technology solution that enhance green environment with views to also tackle some basic problem been faced day to day like managing traffic with good planning of packing space without contributing to the traffic been experienced in that environment.
The project also had in plan, room for as many people that might which to work from home and get their workdone as fast as possible and timely with access to good and quality internet services. He further enumerate the challenges been faced and the current challenges been proper utilization of this project, after which there is a Question and Answer segment that helps in outsourcing ideas on solution to enhance smooth implementation and adequate use of the project without abusing it and getting it across to the right people which the project is targets at.
To further gain insight and idea into the project proper check their website at CcHub Nigeria
and if you willing to reach out to them send them email at contact, keep an eyes on this page for updates on this and some other innovative projects alike.
Do not forget to drop your comments.

Technology changes in the way we do business

The beginning: How it all started
For Nigeria and some other developing countries. Buying and selling  is as old as humanity in itself.
It all start from trade by barter as we are much used to and with one to one buying and selling but overtime and the advent of technology has brought a drastic change to the way we transact and change business look.
Worst beginning , technology the game changer.
Nigeria as a case study wanting to join the league of countries that carry out transaction online but getting onboard in the negative way which has brought a shameful look and dent to the image of the country, that Nigerians wherever they travelled to get this isolated or convict look and treatment. To some they  believe its a leadership thing while to some youth that are conversant  and follow trend and development agreed that its a bad orientation or improper enlightenment about internet attitude and behaviour with an online transaction thereby turn every youth as of that era to fraudster (I mean like 72% of the youth population) are tagged yahoo-yahoo boys and from that point henceforth Nigeria get delisted from countries that can make transaction online.
But the change and findings  had shows that Africa is the next place for development from trade and also green land for economical development and center of attraction for the global environment, this been known to people of the elite and business analyst that has foresight of the future. Since then, Elite and the business mogul put together their  resources in other to be part of this global village and business arena then be relevant, several studies both within and outside has been put together to regain the dented image of the country and even make the environment and atmosphere available and conducive for the time to come, therefore fixing the integrity issues within before the infusion of the foreigners and to cartered for, this then the likes of Konga, Jumia, Huntella, Kaymu and to mentioned a few.and the likes come onboard to test out different business models ,taking  risk with facts figure and even cash and as well correcting the integrity issues with the believe that if we are able  to solve the integrity issues within then we will be able to convince the foreigner and enabled or say activate online transaction and imbibing the culture in this part of the world.
Therefore bringing this into reality, to this environment and this part of the world, we need to try educate the general masses and go down to the grassroot and even the youth needs a massive re-orientation with regards to the use of internet and re-channel there thinking to the positive aspect and they can be the next change. The government of the country needs to also realise the proper benefit and how this can be of great use to the country at large, so that license cannot just be issued but proper rule and regulation with reliable terms and conditions with an elite within that profession who will know what and what it takes to consider before putting together terms and condition, that will not give room to abusive use, and the merchandise with the license will not just be giving pocket-tearing tariff with unreliable network, and to proper enhance the growth and improve the business aspect of the economy of the country to show reliability and give a good transition with good prospect for businesses and investors.
The few expose people in the terrain now are really strategizing on how to impact the economy at large positively and position it for an international standard.
Kindly tell us your internet experience and how it has positively affect you or your business one way or the other, do not hesitate to highlight the bad effective also.
Till the next column enjoy the rich opportunity of the internet and remain security conscious.

Why Facebook Data Scientists Manipulated 600,000+ Of Its Users

Aside from being the world’s largest social network, Facebook is also a sociologist’s dream. With 1.28 billion worldwide active users, the social network has created the most formidable data set ever seen for studying human behaviour.

Not one to let your data go to waste, the company employs a team of data scientists to conduct experiments with user data and behaviour, as it did in a recent study, first reported by NewScientist.

According to the study, Facebook manipulated the News Feeds of 689,003 users to study whether online emotions can be contagious. For a week, some users were shown posts in News Feed containing a higher number of positive words, others were shown posts with more negative sentiments. From the study:

When positive expressions were reduced, people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative expressions were reduced, the opposite pattern occurred. These results indicate that emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence our own emotions, constituting experimental evidence for massive-scale contagion via social networks

Given that Facebook has spent the better part of 2014 making very public gestures to assure users it will protect their privacy, experiments like this one, which treat unwitting users and their data as test subjects, threaten to damage the social network’s already shaky privacy reputation.

While nobody likes being emotionally manipulated, part of the outrage seems to be due to the fact that Facebook is technically in the right, here. When you sign up for Facebook, you are, in fact, offering up your consent to have your data and profiles used in these kinds of experiments.

And as the study notes, since Facebook’s data team used machine analysis to surface the positive and negative posts, it didn’t breach Facebook’s privacy policy.

Though this sort of thing may be nothing new, it’s a reminder that just because you don’t have to pay to use Facebook, doesn’t mean admission to the social network is free.


5 Android updates that help you to be productive

Google and the Android running  smartphones  is well-known and Google never believe that a products is fully done and this is what give rooms to frequent update which in recent time has been on the increase and frequently updates should not stop.

1. Quickoffice
Quickoffice is one app that helps you stay with your work and regardless of where you are, you are always at work, important a nutshell say, work on the go. Before now you can only work on the go with your device running on data and this is superb though, and in the era of cloud storage and back-ups, which makes it interesting and not retarded to work on document with different issues from power to fluctuating quality of internet services. But the truth is that not all countries of this world  has this features of running on data and If this is available its not pocket friendly in tariff and the quality of services been offered, at times it someone annoyed and also delay the job to get done, if at all one wish to just get this data plan, despite the unstable service been offered, and its service start to fluctuate while working on a document. There will be delay, but with this new update, you now have document separately and spreadsheet too separately and by so doing you can work on either the doc file or spreadsheet separately offline and the two gets to sync with your online storage once their is internet and though you can now work on your spreadsheet on the go, then once through, and need to have access to your document any where you go, across any device, and at any time at your convenience. This is the cool updated on Google document, presentation and the worksheet.

2. Google Drive
Though from all smartphones users that I have came across and on checking there phone I have discover that most don’t even have this app at all and for as many that has this app never knew its important and usage. Long story short for as many that want to be productive and proactive you will also need this app. Aside that, the needed update on this app is the ability to collaborate on working on documents with a collaborator without needing to do your path and uploading, sending via email while the other collaborator on the other side download and work on same document, while this will take more of the time for the work to get done with. This is not new if you are accessing Drive via desktop and laptop but if it works fine on those platform and we should as well be able to do our work on the go as well, with this new update, you cannot only access the document shared with you only but as well access the document in your drive and also share with others too via this app and it update, as against the earlier version where you can only access documents and other item you have in your drive. So, we say Google keep on releasing updates to better improve peoples live and productivity level for further improvement.
3. Gmail
Gmail is also an app that is kind of pre-built apps that comes with all android devices and Google most time updated this to give user a good experience and the current update on this Gmail will help user to be able to refresh their mail by just swipe down the email screen and bt so doing you will discover the flow of the Google’s colour for a short while and finally reload the page with new email as against the reload symbol on the email page before now. Still on this same app, the reason for which a message is sent to spam is now shown on each spam message when you try open  and thereby letting you to once in a while check your spam and don’t believe because its a spam its not that necessary at all.
4. Easy save to Drive
With this new update, once you are accessing your mail on the go via the Gmail app, you can save attachment direct to your drive without needing to wait till you get to your laptop or desktop system, which makes it easy for individual to access the files and doc anywhere via any devices, Files saves to Drive are easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
This to mention afew, also the Gmail apps gives you the acedd to read from right to left as again the normal English way of reading from left to right which consider the Arabic user of android devices.
5. Google camera
There are several camera apps and also some camera are manufactural build though its nother that its that cool as against the manufactured camera apostate but this give user the access to photosphere and user having 4.2 jellybean -4.4 kitkat version will now have official access to photosphere and not need to look for the AOSP camera to do that and no need also to create another gallery as against the AOSP camera features.