Korapay | Nodding Your Head Can Win You that Negotiation

In a people driven society, human relations is necessary to support economic success; how we speak with one another decides how we live our lives, build and foster relationships. Negotiation and communication are essential skills to have in any relationship.

Figuring out how to control the signals you are sending with your body is an incredible method to guarantee you will always get your message across plainly and without uncertainty.  Despite what medium people use to communicate and connect, non-verbal communication such us head gestures are utilized in every form of communication.

In this article, I’d be sharing one of the most powerful nonverbal cues you can use in conversations and win in any negotiation. But first, it is important to understand what negotiations really mean. It has been described as conversations or discussions between people who have different targets or goals, – especially in business or politics, – during which they try to reach an agreement. Negotiation has, basically, two outcomes: It’s either a win-win situation for both parties or a win-lose outcome, where one side wins and the other loses. You aim for every negotiation is to win but leave the other party feeling good about it – whether they actually win or lose.

Nodding during Negotiation: Why is it important?

Successful negotiations do not happen by accident or on the spur of the moment. They must be carefully planned. To this end, there are a number of steps that can be taken to help in the process and one of them is the learning the right way to nod during a negotiation. When engaged in a negotiation, nodding your head as you make a pronouncement leads to acceptance and belief to what you’re saying. The subliminal message that’s conveyed with nodding the head is, “I really believe that what I am saying is true, and I’m committed to my statements.” This has profound effects on the person(s) you are speaking to.

What are the right ways to Nod?

  1. Make and Maintain Eye Contact: During a negotiation, maintain eye contact from short periods of time – eye contact for too long can be creepy so do it in intervals. When you are speaking, it shows confidence & when they are speaking, it shows that you are listening and paying critical attention. Individuals who feel that their concerns have been validated and addressed are more likely to be open to swayed by your terms.
  2. Smile Like You Mean It: Smiling is always a good idea. It can bring calm to a tense conversation and reassure the other party that you are there to engage and not impose.
  3. Keep Yourself Open: Lean in and keep an open posture (do not cross your arms in a defensive manner), this shows you are genuinely interested.
  4. Nod in Intervals: To enhance the nodding effect, pause for at least a second as you speak to denote something important is about to be said. Then, as you make the proclamation, nod your head to emphasize that point. The mixture of the head nod, smiling and eye contact as you convey your message will have a hypnotic effect on the individual with whom you’re negotiating with.

It’s additionally important to add that people who are aligned up with your message would nod in acknowledgment when you nod. Their gesture not just fills in as an affirmation that they concur with you, but also urging you to lead on. Thus, it’s your responsibility to observe to what degree your negotiation companion nods as you speak and use that to your advantage.

The Wrong Ways of Nodding

  1. Do not Nod Excessively: Nodding exorbitantly will weaken the emphasis that such a gesture has during a negotiation. Whenever utilized excessively, nodding can make one feel like they are in the presence of a know-it-all; who knows nothing, but thinks he knows a great deal or it could give the feeling that the person is being deceptive.
  1. Do not Nod to the Wrong Words: Another thing to consider is what words you choose to emphasize when making this gesture. On the off chance that the activity is synchronized with the wrong word(s), you could end up changing the negotiator’s mind on what’s imperative. You would then have your negotiation counterpart mentally pondering exactly what you’re endeavoring to pass on and where you’re going.

Every single person – business owner, corporate worker, husband, friend – negotiates. Whether it’s a product, service, idea or message – everyone wants someone else to believe in them or something. When utilized right, head gestures can be an incredibly powerful tool in persuading people to believe you and say yes to your requests.

Happy Nodding!

Written by Adegoke Adekunle, Social media and content analyst at Korapay.

Korapay is a cross border remittance platform focused on reducing the cost of money transfer and increasing its speed into and within Africa. Korapay allows individuals in the United States send money within minutes to the bank account of anyone in Nigeria.

Andela Secures $100M Series D to Build Distributed Engineering Teams and Power the Future of Work

Andela, the company building distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software developers, today announced the completion of a $100M Series D funding. The round was led by Generation Investment Management with participation from existing investors including Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV, Spark Capital, and CRE Venture Capital. The most recent financing brings Andela’s total venture funding to $180M.

Andela was founded in 2014 to connect Africa’s engineering talent with the demand for software developers worldwide. In four years, Andela has assessed more than one hundred thousand applicants, hired one thousand software developers, and integrated them into hundreds of companies, such as Safaricom, Percolate, and InVision.

With the Series D funding, Andela will accelerate the development of its technology platform to identify, develop and match talent at scale. By doing so, Andela will provide its customers with the data they need to understand developer performance and better manage distributed teams. The company will also expand its presence across Africa to meet the global demand for high-quality engineering talent.

“It’s increasingly clear that the future of work will be distributed, in part due to the severe shortage of engineering talent,” says Jeremy Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Andela. “Given our access to incredible talent across Africa, as well as what we’ve learned from scaling hundreds of engineering teams around the world, Andela is able to provide the talent and the technology to power high-performing teams and help companies adopt the distributed model faster.”

“Andela has been a critical player in Nigeria’s technology revolution,” says Omowale David-Ashiru, Country Director at Andela. “Due to our unwavering commitment to our mission throughout the last four years, Andela has grown into a thriving platform for hundreds of technologists in Nigeria. With this investment, Andela will accelerate the development of Africa’s best tech talent in Nigeria and beyond.”

“Generation’s investment in Andela resulted from our deep research into the future of work. We believe Andela is a transformational model to develop software engineers and deploy them at scale into the future enterprise,” says Lilly Wollman, Co-Head of Growth Equity at Generation Investment Management. “The global demand for software engineers far exceeds supply, and that gap is projected to widen. Andela’s leading technology enables firms to effectively build and manage distributed engineering teams. We are great admirers of the outstanding team, mission and culture Andela has built across two continents and five countries.” With tech campuses in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, Andela has been recognized as “The Best Place to Work in Africa.” In 2018, The Wall Street Journal named Andela as one of the twenty-five technology company to watch, and the year prior, Fast Company ranked Andela as the most innovative company in Africa. In 2019, Andela is projected to double in size, hiring another one thousand software developers and investing heavily in data, engineering, and product development.

The Winners of the UNICAF Nigeria Essay Competition Receive Their Prizes

The three winners of the UNICAF essay competition  ‘Higher Education of international quality shaping the leaders of tomorrow in Nigeria and in Africa’, received their prizes andmet with media representatives at the award ceremony, held on January 9, at the UNICAF offices in Lagos.

Out of around 500 entries submitted to the competition, the essays of Folashade Shodipo, Chekwube Okeke and Emmanuel Famokun won the first, second and third prize respectively.

Folashade Shodipo, a diction and phonetics teacher from Iyana-Ipaja highlighted in her essay the need to use modern technology in order to share new knowledge globally, and has won a full scholarship to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration with Unicaf University, plus a monetary reward of N100,000 in cash.

First runner up, Chekwube Okeke, a college teacher from Lagos, called in his essay for technological advances and innovations from around the world to be used in finding effective solutions to the long standing problems faced in Africa. He has won a full scholarship to pursue a Professional Development Short Course with Unicaf University, plus N50,000 in cash.

Second runner-up, Emmanuel Famokun, a Communications Consultant in Lagos, presented in his essay the reasons that make higher education of international quality an effective training ground for inspirational leaders of the future in Nigeria and in Africa.  He has won a full scholarship to pursue a Professional Development Short Course with Unicaf University. UNICAF congratulates the three winners and all participants in the competition, and promises to continue to contribute, in any way possible, to the advancement of higher education in Nigeria and in Africa.

On Whose Watch?: Court Orders Confiscation of Obasanjo’s New Book

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has been found guilty of contempt for publishing his memoirs, in his new book, My Watch. The court’s interim order was given by Valentine Ashi, a justice of the Abuja High Court On the 5th of Decmber. The court ordered the police, Department of State Service (DSS), and Nigeria Customs Service to confiscate the book, while also restraining media houses from publishing excerpts.

Justice Ashi stated that, “The fact that the book was published in November is irrelevant. As long as the substantive suit is not yet determined, no party is entitled to publish or comment on material facts that are yet to be decided on by the court,” he said. Ashi also gave the former president 21 days to explain why he should not be punished. “I hold the defendant, not only in contempt of the court, but to show cause why he should not be punished for contempt and ordered to undo what he has wrongly done,” he added.

Amongst the personalities accusing the former president for libel and scathing remarks are Buruji Kashamu, Buruji Kashamu, leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) mobilisation committee in the south-west, and Nigeria’s president, President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to a review on the book done by Sahara Repoters,

On President Jonathan’s character:

Jonathan is lacking in broad vision, knowledge, confidence, understanding, concentration, capacity, sense of security, courage, moral and ethical principles, character and passion to move the nation forward on a fast trajectory. Although he might wish to do well, he does not know how nor does he have the capacity to. To compound his problem he has not surrounded himself with aides sufficiently imbued with the qualities and abilities to help him out. Most of them are greedy hangers-on or hungry lacklustre characters interested only in their mouths and their pockets…

On the Boko Haram insurgency, the insecurity crisis, and #BringBackOurGirls:

I was in Sierra Leone on the day Boko Haram [bombed] the UN building in Abuja. As soon as I returned to Nigeria I called the inspector-general of police to hear his views on the issue. I was not impressed with his explanation. I also talked to the then national security adviser and his explanation was substantially blank. I went to Jonathan, the president, on the same issue. His reaction, and his view that Boko Haram were ‘a bunch of riffraffs’ left me even colder.

The one incident that overtly and graphically exposed the ineptitude, ineffectiveness, inefficiency, carelessness, cluelessness, callousness, insensitivity and selfishness of Goodluck Jonathan was the abduction of about 276 school girls from Chibok in Borno State by Boko Haram. The reaction and attitude of our president and his household was non-belief, to the extent that 18 days passed before he grudgingly concede to accept the reality of the abduction. If serious action had been taken within 48 hours, the story could have been different.

I was not surprised that the president went dancing twenty-four hours after the Nyanya explosion that took seventy-five lives. I also found believable the statement allegedly credited to the president after both the Nyanya explosion and the Chibok school girls abduction to the effect that since some people in the North had said that they would make Nigerian ungovernable, they could keep on killing and abducting each other….

On corruption:

In the area of corruption, we have been going back steadily from the inception of Yar’Adua’s administration when the ‘hunter’ became the ‘hunted’. But under Jonathan we seem to have gone from frying pan to fire. If in the past corruption was in the corridors of power, it would seem now to be in the sitting room, dining room and bedroom of power.

If what is called ‘corruption’ is stealing, under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, then government has become legalised and protected robbery…

Move Over Kim Kardashian: Rosetta’s Photos Broke the Internet


The surface of the comet
The surface of the comet


If you think photos of Kim Kardashian’s butt sat all over the internet and broke it; Rosetta’s photos made an even greater bombshell entrance on the internet.

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft successfully landed a probe onto the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko earlier this week, marking the first time ever a man-made device was successfully put onto a comet.

When it comes to photography equipment, both the Rosetta and the Philae probe are well stocked with the tools they need to snap image

According to the Wall Street Journal, scientists managing to land a spacecraft on a moving comet for the first time won in terms of social conversation. The Journal counted up all the tweets with the hashtag #cometlanding and tweets that contained the word comet, then compared that to the number of #breaktheinternet and Kardashian mentions. 


The comet won by over 100 thousand tweets.  The comet tweets also had a much more positive reaction than Kim’s photo stunt. The Wall Street Journal used a service called Topsy that analyzes the tone of tweets. The comet landing score a 64 (in a scale where 50 is neutral) and Kim registered a 43.


This is a sign that even going completely nude isn’t enough to get Kim the attention she expects anymore.

Plus, Kim Kardashian’s nudity shouldn’t really be news (Not forgetting that she’s famous mostly because of a sex tape) — but landing a spaceship on a comet? That’s pretty phenomenal. Go science! 

5 Skills You Need To Live The Life of Your Dreams

Getting a college degree is great and very important in achieving your dreams but a college education rarely teaches you life-building skills you  need to survive adulthood. Here are five essential life skills you need to live the life of your dreams.

1. The Ability to fight fears and challenges

It doesn’t matter how many options you have to choose from. I’ve realized that there are only two things to choose between: the future and the past. If you choose the easier option that doesn’t imply risk, challenge or something unknown, you choose the past. Obviously, it’s safe and comfortable, but you will never achieve something bigger unless you challenge yourself. That’s why you should learn to choose the difficult path, the unbeaten path. Everything that scares you should be your target. The ability to overcome fears will open thousands of new opportunities for you and will make you a more confident person. Push forward when you want to give up, continue when others surrender and believe in yourself when nobody does. This is the first essential skill you should learn to improve your life.

2. Goal Setting  Skills

I wish I had acquired this skill when I was a student. Every person should set at least one big goal in life. Whether you try to get a promotion at work or you want to lose a few pounds, the first thing you should do is to set a goal. Learn to break long-term goals down into intermediate and short-term goals; this will enable you to distribute your time and energy resources more efficiently.

They say that people who plan their life are usually more successful than those who don’t plan their future. I don’t mean that you should create a detailed life plan, but you should certainly draw an approximate blueprint for the next 5 years. When you see the direction and the ultimate goal, you will hardly veer off course or lose motivation. You must have heard the popular saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’, right? I became a more self-disciplined and cheerful person due to the ability of goal setting.

Those who cannot manage their money are less likely make a fortune. I’ve learned to manage my finance when I got my first job and started sharing a room with my dormmate. Sure, I squandered my first earnings and got into debt, but then I became more careful with my expenditures. My scholarship was always insufficient. When I got a job, my salary also turned out to be insufficient. I’ve realized that it doesn’t always matter how much you make, but it’s important to learn how to budget your money wisely. Money management skills enable me to enjoy a good life on a tight budget.

First of all, you should define the essential expenditure items like rent, bills and food. Then add minor categories like clothes, petty cash, and leisure. Remember that you can save a particular amount of money monthly, regardless of your earnings. Develop a habit of saving at least 20 percent of your income and you’ll soon have a pretty good savings.

3. Public Speaking Skills

This was one of the things I hated at school and college, but this was also one of the essential skills I needed to acquire to improve my life. The statistics show that the fear of speaking in front of a big audience is even stronger than the fear of death. Anyway, public speaking skills are critical if you want to achieve confidence and self-esteem and meet new professional and social contacts.

Any leader or successful manager will tell you that the power of words is immense. The initial function of public speaking is to share your ideas with others. However, the ability to deliver your thoughts in front of a big group of people will also help you to influence and control others, sell anything from a product to idea and get a professional advancement. I’ve realized that I can apply public speaking skills to almost every situation in day-to-day life, from discussions during family gatherings to delivering a speech in front of my colleagues.

4. The Art of Relaxation

It sounds weird since most people think they can relax and enjoy their spare time. However, many hard-working people and workaholics find it difficult to relax and stop thinking about their business. For a long time I couldn’t distract my mind from my work even at weekends, even when I was miles away from my office and my city. The abstention from checking my e-mail or reading my post didn’t prevent me from thinking about my job. No wonder it led to poor thinking, bad health and decision making.

I’ve understood that there is time to work and time to enjoy the results of my work. Working yourself to death isn’t actually a success, it’s just an obsession. I’ve started practicing yoga and various breathing techniques. They really help to gain clarity of thoughts, sense of purpose and balance. The ability to combat stress and keep calm helps me to face life troubles with confidence and zeal.

5. Constant Learning

Elbert Einstein once said, ‘Learning is not the product of schooling, but the lifelong attempt to acquire it’. A lot of people mistakenly believe that the process of learning ends the moment they get a diploma. But the truth is that the moment you stop learning you stop evolving and developing yourself. Life-long learning skills are beneficial to your personal and professional advancement.

Learning is hard and it took me an immense amount of time to cultivate the habit of learning something new daily. However, I’m sure that I achieved most of my goals thanks to self-education. Purposeful learning beyond the traditional schooling is often more effective and fruitful.

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Myles Munroe: Investigation Begins Into Crash That Killed Renowned Preacher

Site of the crash
Site of the crash





After the shocking news on the death of the renowned preacher, Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife and seven member crew, a full investigation has began into the cause of the crash of the private Lear Jet that occured near the Grand Bahama International Airport.

 According to a statement posted on Munroe’s Facebook page, The group was travelling to Bahamas to attend a Global Leadership Forum which was put together by Munroe. The event will continue will nonetheless continue.

It was also reported that Ambassador Andrews Young was scheduled to be on board but decided against it due to projected bad weather.

The jet was carrying Dr Myles Munroe, Ruth, his wife and his Senior Vice President and pastor Richard Cinder and seven others including two pilot. All nine passengers reportedly died in the crash.

Munroe, 60 was a Pastor, motivational speaker and writer. He survived by daughter and son and members of the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI)

The cause of the crash is currently unknown.


BBM finally hit the windows phone store

Blackberry finally hit the windows phone store, for as many that are windows phone user most especially the Lumia series users and also sequel to the last post that pre-announced it and that have long await the windows version of the app can know breath a fresh air and feel among because they were already waiting for this moment they tends to feel exempted.


The blackberry messenger officially hit the site without side-loading the app and also not to delay as many that awaits the app, the company therefore release the beta version in other to keep teaming customer mind at rest.
Beta version will simply means that there is tendency that it crashes and to be fully prepare for such and while they are enjoying it, the company will be working underground to further improve the application.


Another things to notice is that, the company will also seize that opportunity to gather customer relationship with the app which will later be of more effective to the launching of the full and stable version. So, for as many that download at this stage simply mean that they will be able to join the second stage/batch for further testing are those that first download the beta version.


So far you have download it and what is your experience so far regarding BBM on the window phone platform. What are the things that work aside those ones reported before. Who share your experience with us.


Instagram new mobile app: Bolt

Instagram the mobile image sharing social app from Facebook is on it way to launch another mobile app which hopefully will be having or adding voice to it new app, though the app developer is not happy with the Instagram naming the app bolt. Though it is hope to launch this weekend but due to the fact that the developer is not happy with the approach of the parent company Facebook, towards that and also because both Instagram and the new app almost share the same colour and partially the logo too might be sharing common thing in nature. Over the week we discover a confusion like and kind of confused either it is as an ads or another product entirely as to the fact that it was flash across Instagram within the week. From the look of things, it can be discovered that Facebook he’s done something like this in the past with paper which though is a name of a mobile app from FiftyThree which is a drawing app in it aim while Facebook though still go ahead and use that name but with different aim and purpose, paper from Facebook is telling story from Facebook as a platform and Bolt is although aim to be a voice app while the Instagram is meant to be a photo sharing app. We keep our dinner crossed to note the changes and how things move with this ideas, is it ideal for Facebook doing this?

Welcome BBM to WindowsPhone


Blackberry is about to load up the serving database that serves its blackberry messenger fondly referred to BBM. If you remember you will recall the experience while coming to Android devices and the Apple iPhone. The entry though was not that smooth and also looking at the Nigeria smartphone market their is a big problem for the product in it entry because in Nigeria alone the market for smartphone is high not to now talk about the Africa market in terms of number of devices been sold like each day, although, I gathered that the app is already out to as many that already sign up to have the BBM app ahead of others as a beta tester and according to a good source it is clear that over 10,000 beta tester Storm the portal once declared and the slot was fully absorbed in less than 24hours of its announcement, then if you are a windows phone user the wait might actually be over since in less than 2-3weeks away from now you will have the app in the windows phone market (aka windows phone store) but at the moment some finishing touch might be the stage at which the App is undergoing as to some past of the app not rendering the way it should and also some emoticon too but while we keep our finger crossed.


How easy is it going to be? The question that border my mind and also hope the company has learned from the experience gather during it deployment on Android and the iPhone market?


And finally if you are conversant with this page, you will discover that this post is slightly coming to reality because quite number of users will be in need of data to enjoy this and the cost of data is still that friendly in this part of the world and also the quality of service needs to be worked on for any Telco to remain in the market and a move from voice to data is then xing to stay and like I previously say I’m one of the past report that I sense a crash in the cost of data and subscription, so what I can only way is that hold on a little longer for a better and quality service with good tariff.