CTO of Jobberman gets set to wed


A big congratulations to the CTO of Jobberman Opeyemi Awoyemi as he gets set to wed his fiancee Omolarami Ajele. Here is a sneak peak to the sweet words to themselves.

Opeyemi – My best friend of many years – sweet, handsome, intelligent, brilliant, overly-smart, caring, loving, forgiving and a cheerful giver. Life with you is everything I can imagine. You complete me, understand me, adore and respect me. I know the future is safe with you and God in it – there’s nothing to worry about. Can’t wait to see ’em boys and girls with those cute eyes of yours. Will always love you till the very end. – Written by Omolarami

About The Bride – Omolarami Ajele.

None so beautiful, none so brilliant, none so bold. My one and only Margaret Thatcher. I know I am marrying a smart girl. Omolarami, you’ve always believed in me and rarely questioned my thoughts about life. You complement me and you’re simply the best that exists for me. Your are the one I will spending the rest of my life with and I am a million% happy doing so. I have no doubt you will be a great mum and an inspiration to our kids. You are my soul tatoo. Written by Opeyemi

Source: www.laraandope.com

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